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New mandatory minimum 3 year term for gift cards sold to NSW consumers

Important new changes are set to apply from 31 March 2018 for businesses who sell gift cards or gift vouchers to NSW consumers. The new laws affect not only NSW based businesses but also any business that sells gift cards to NSW consumers online (including international websites). Understanding consumers’ new rights, and adopting new business

Consumer guarantee concerns for regulator
01 Feb '18

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has raised concerns about consumer guarantee issues following an increase in reports by consumers to the regulator. These concerns follow an announcement by the ACCC in November last year that put clothing retailers on notice after an online review of numerous returns policies raised concerns of non-compliance with

Good IP Governance: Part II

A template for managing your company’s Intellectual Property Assets In Part One of Good IP Governance, we explored the relationship between well-managed intellectual property assets and a company’s ongoing financial performance. We stepped it up a notch and revealed the responsibility of directors, in the performance of their legal duties, to properly understand how IP is inextricably linked with

Good IP Governance. A New Directors’​ Mindset.

Let’s start with a simple proposition: IP + Good Governance = Increased Enterprise Value The competitive advantage of nearly any Australian business can be tied to its intellectual assets – be it their brands, goodwill, trade secrets, corporate knowledge, patented processes, software applications, product designs etc. Boards must take responsibility for incorporating IP management issues into their

Intellectual Property Increases Your (Company’s) Life

I’ve been banging on for years about the correlation between protecting the health of your company’s IP assets and business longevity. The proposition is simple: properly maintained IP assets and exclusive IP rights create sustainable competitive advantage. Of course, being an IP lawyer, I own a dog in this fight and may be perceived as biased. Hooray however to