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Thinking about selling or purchasing a business? Differences between a sale of shares vs a sale of assets

When considering a transaction for the sale and purchase of a business (whether you are the seller or the buyer), it is essential to think about how to structure the sale to meet your needs. In this article we briefly discuss the differences between a sale of shares vs a sale of assets, while outlining

McDonald’s loses its BIG MAC trade mark in Europe … for now
17 Jan '19

A recent trade mark case involving McDonald’s and its famous BIG MAC trade mark has captured global attention. It involves a sensational headline of a global corporation losing rights in the EU to arguably its most iconic brand. However, the EU IPO’s decision makes good sense. This is actually a case about how poor management of a trade

Running, Brands and Trust
03 Jan '19

My favourite Nike Pegasus running shoes sit at the intersection of my worlds as an avid distance runner and trade mark lawyer. I hugely respect the Nike brand and its epitomisation of the running spirit. For the running community, Nike and its iconic swoosh encapsulate certain standards and values. For me, Nike is a brand

Sale of Mornington Peninsula’s Premier Cafe

Buchanan has finished a big year of deals culminating in this week’s sale of Mornington Peninsula’s best cafe – as voted for the past three years running – Merchant & Maker, McCrae. Buchanan’s team was led by Director, Scott Buchanan and Senior Lawyer, Aimee Pomogacs. Scott Buchanan stated: “We are privileged to act for one of Melbourne’s premier

Country of origin claims, getting it right

A number of recent cases highlight the importance of ensuring the accuracy of country of origin claims. Sounds simple enough, but consider products constituted by ingredients from various countries, assembled in another country by a company owned elsewhere.  As demonstrated by the cases below, false claims relating to a product’s country of origin can result