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Our expertise —
General Commercial

Our General Commercial services protect and strengthen your business through a suite of services that can assist with your contract, advisory, and employment needs. Buchanan provides strategic legal advice to commercial businesses of all types, including sole traders, joint ventures, private equity firms, trusts and partnerships, private companies, and listed and unlisted public companies.

Our range of services —
Drafting, negotiating, management, and enforcement
IT Contracts
We have a wealth of experience across a broad range of technology transactions. We’re keen observers of emerging commercial models and the new approaches to commercial relationships and risk allocation. This enables us to “connect the dots” and create new contract models to deliver on the promises of digital transformation.
Manufacturing and Supply Contracts
Contracts with your key supply chain partners represents a critical part of the IP protection and commercialisation equation. In combination with formal IP rights, carefully developed contracts focussed on provisions addressing confidentiality, non-compete and exclusivity will help protect your unique for sustainable success.
Consultancy Contracts
Whether you’re engaging a consultant into your project, or are a consultant yourself, consulting appointments give rise to a myriad of IP and related risk issues. Well drafted contracts will ensure each party’s IP rights are properly protected having regard to their own background IP, newly created IP and other third party IP.
Sponsorship Contracts
Sponsorship agreements can represent an important part of your branding strategy. Buchanan has deep experience in drafting and advising in relation to complex sponsorship arrangements with a focus on ensuring maintaining and promoting brand integrity.
Client / Customer Terms & Conditions
Allow Buchanan to assist in the creation of your new standard terms of service developed with a keen eye on your particular commercial objectives and business risks. We pride ourselves on developing plain English and easy to use contracting forms that meet required standards under laws relating to Personal Property Securities, Australian Consumer Law (including prohibitions against unfair contract terms) and privacy.
Website Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions are only as strong as their ability to protect and enforce specific commercial objectives, something that a template is unlikely to achieve.
Confidentiality Agreements (NDAs)
Preserving the confidentiality of key trade secrets and know-how is a fundamental component to any venture’s IP strategy. We possess unrivaled experience in the effective management of our clients’ valuable knowledge assets particularly in the context of private equity and M&A transactions.
Competition Ts and Cs
Competitions are a great way of promoting your brand, engaging with your customers, and attracting a wider audience. Allow us to help you navigate the multi-layered regulatory regime and draft compliant terms to enhance the success of your competition.
Our range of services —
Australian Competition and Consumer Law (training, policies, & advice)
We are experienced in advising on a broad range of consumer protection and competition law issues under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The ACL impacts upon the majority of commercial scenarios ranging from exclusivity arrangements, third line forcing, agency and JV agreements.
Advertising / Marketing Clearance Advice)
We regularly provide timely and commercially focussed advertising clearance advice with a focus on ensuring your marketing and advertising strategies comply with the consumer protection provisions of the ACL. We can review and give you the “all clear” on specific marketing collateral, develop internal clearance systems and provide ongoing training to your team.
We’re adept at working with clients in the digital frontier on matters relating to technology, AI, new media, direct marketing and data analytics. Clients benefit from our holistic and commercial approach to managing data as an asset with our related expertise in copyright law and the protection of valuable know-how.
Industry Specific Regulatory Advice (e.g. education, startups, wagering)
Our core value of empirical enquiry means that we are relentless in our immersion in your specific industry and the laws and regulations that pertain to it, resulting in objective and well-grounded legal advice.
Our Expertise —
We help our clients manage complex IP ownership and licensing issues in relation to intellectual assets created by their teams. We draft employment and contractor agreements, develop executive terms of engagement and advise on a broad range of employment and IR issues including restraints of trade and Award compliance matters.
Employment Contracts
Our advice and drafting services include a strong focus on creating employment contracts that protect your IP, your trade, and your employers.
Executive Terms of Engagement
The engagement and management of an effective executive leadership team can greatly benefit from having an experienced team of legal professionals who understand the nuances surrounding employment, IR, and compliance.
Independent Contractor Agreements
We can assist with the enforcement of independent contractor agreements and the establishment of protective frameworks to ensure that value is consistently delivered and the threat of IP infringement is mitigated.
Non-Compete Agreements
We can protect the long-term viability of your IP by ensuring you are well-protected from the risk of employee, executive, and contractor counterfeiting through implementing enforceable non-compete agreements.

Provides a broad range of specialist commercial and intellectual property services critical to the successful day-to-day operations.


“Buchanan has been a great addition to the Made Establishment group and a vital partner in recent times. They have the ability to be adaptable and nimble depending on circumstances and have, and continue to offer critical advice and legal direction on major governance and risk issues, but at all times remaining commercial in their advisory capacity.”

— Troy McDonagh, Group CEO, Made Establishment
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Book a time to meet us, and discover what it’s like to have an experienced legal team immersed in your business and protecting what makes your business unique.

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