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Our expertise —
M&A and Corporate

Intellectual Property doesn’t exist in a vacuum, which is why our years of practical corporate and commercial advisory experience will help you at any stage of your business’ journey. Whether you are a start-up enterprise that requires the establishment of strong legal foundations, a growing business embarking upon an acquisition, or even planning to sell, our M&A and Corporate services are the result of years of experience in application of legal frameworks to the practical nuances that the market demands.

Our range of services —
M&A and Corporate
Business Structuring (including company registrations for start-ups)
Sound legal structuring is key to the protection and effective monetisation of your IP assets. Structuring your venture for success requires a bespoke approach having regard to your industry, categories of intellectual property rights, geographical markets, competitors and future plans.
Legal due diligence investigations and reporting
A thorough and tailored legal due diligence provides investors and purchasers with peace of mind before executing their transaction. We regularly work with other law firms requiring expert assistance on IP related enquiries and due diligence reporting.
Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance Agreements
Whether it’s a JV, alliance or an IP spin-off, Buchanan can advise on a broad range of vehicles to give effect to your IP commercialisation goals.
We’re well-versed in mitigating the risks that fundraising campaigns and projects can have, particularly if crowd or stakeholder participation is required. Our services provide a protective legal framework that will allow your fundraisers the opportunity to perform at their highest potential.
Private Acquisitions and Sales of Companies and Businesses
Buying and selling a businesses can be both an exciting and scary process. With an experienced legal team in your corner we can help cut through the complexity and deliver a positive transactional outcome.
Corporate Governance, Board Charters, and Directors Duties
Directors are responsible for “setting the tone” when it comes to matters of compliance and risk. Allow Buchanan to guide your board and executive teams in the effective management of your Intellectual Property.
Founders’ Agreements (e.g. Shareholders’ and Partnership Agreements)
A well structured Founders’ Agreement, tailored to your particular business operational and exit goals represents a foundation stone for the proper governance and future growth for your business.

Advised the business on a range of governance, commercial law and trade mark issues including the development of a strong founders’ agreement.

Delivered, 2017

“Buchanan worked closely with the founders to establish a clear legal framework for the effective governance of our business at a time when we restructured and introduced a new investor into our specialist coffee group. Buchanan is always accessible and committed to ensuring his services are aligned with our commercial outcomes.”

— Sam Keck, Founding Director, Common Folk Coffee
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  • Supplier terms of service
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  • General Business and Commercial
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Book a time to meet us, and discover what it’s like to have an experienced legal team immersed in your business and protecting what makes your business unique.

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