Running, Brands and Trust
03 Jan '19

My favourite Nike Pegasus running shoes sit at the intersection of my worlds as an avid distance runner and trade mark lawyer. I hugely respect the Nike brand and its epitomisation of the running spirit. For the running community, Nike and its iconic swoosh encapsulate certain standards and values. For me, Nike is a brand synonymous with innovation. Nike shoes are the enabler of running freedom.

Regardless of how a brand talks to you it comes down to trust. I trust that a running shoe featuring the Nike Swoosh has been designed and manufactured to particular standards. The purchasing decision is a safe one. Nike’s registered trade mark strategy, and the exclusive IP rights conferred by that strategy, allow them to charge a premium for that trust. It is no surprise that Nike’s registered trade mark is a brand valued by Forbes at an estimated US$32 billion.

At the start of the year reflect on your own brand. What values are communicated by your brand? How are you protecting your brand against the threat of competitors who may free-ride on the investment you’ve made into creating a trustworthy brand?

Happy running in 2019.