Why trade mark registration increases the value of your business

As a business, your brand is arguably your most valuable asset. It’s how you communicate with your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. It’s how you distinguish yourself from your competitors.  Brands encompass a broad range of distinctive signs including your business name, a product name, a logo, a colour, shape or perhaps a memorable tag-line. 

Only a registered trade mark provides legal protection and exclusivity for your brands. 


Advantages of Trade Mark Registration

Registered trade mark protection will provide your business with valuable monopoly style rights enabling you to:

  1. Take Action. Enforce your brand against unauthorised competitors who might otherwise wish to adopt the same or a similar brand as a means to obtain a free-ride on your investment and reputation.
  2. Commercialise. Enter into a broad range of commercial transactions including licensing, franchising, merchandising, reseller, and online distribution agreements.
  3. Exit. Sell your registered trade mark as a valuable stand-alone asset.
  4. Security. Use your trade mark as security for a broad range of transactions such as a financing arrangement.
  5. Go global. Leverage specialist international IP treaties that allow for the expansion of your registered trade mark rights into other countries of commercial importance.

Trade Mark registration increases the value of your business. Investors will pay more knowing that your business has exclusive legal rights to your brands. It’s really that simple.


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