Buchanan is a boutique provider of Intellectual Property and Corporate Governance legal services. We can help you secure your IP and navigate the commercial legal environment in order to protect your business, products, and brand.

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Increase sustainability

We help businesses become more sustainable by increasing your inherent value and protecting your competitive advantage through IP protection.


Operate with certainty

We protect intangible assets, secure products and processes, and provide advice on new technologies by being empirical in our research and thorough in our processes.


Kill Bill(able hours)

No matter how big or small you are, our firm seeks to add value and provide fair compensation, which is why we work to fixed fees and global monthly retainers.


Protecting your competitive advantage.

Our expertise lies in helping our clients understand the value of their intellectual assets and working with you to leverage this value through the development and implementation of robust IP protection and commercialisation strategies. We work in partnership with you to help you achieve a strong financial return on your investment into your intellectual assets.

Identifying and protecting your IP

Trade Marks, Copyright, Designs, Patents, Domain Names, Services for International Associates.

& advisory

Commercial Contracts, Competition & Consumer Law, Privacy, IP Due Diligence, IP Strategy, IP Education.


IP Infringement Advice & Enforcement, Confidential Information & Restraint of Trade Litigation.

Who is Buchanan?


Founded by Scott Buchanan, Buchanan draws on Scott’s 20 years’ experience in intellectual property and commercial legal matters, including experience gained as a partner of an international law firm, director of his own practice, a group general counsel and as a company director and secretary.  Scott is dual qualified as a registered Lawyer and a Registered Trade Marks Attorney. Scott is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Masters of Laws in Intellectual Property from Monash University.

Coffee? It's On Us

Determination of value

There is no place for stopwatches and 6-minute units in the calculation of value. The determination of value requires a conversation, and an agreement, between lawyer and client. A conversation that is not costed in 6-minute units!

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